Set up spectrum2 on ejabberd 18.09 (stretch backports)

This "tutorial" supposes you have an already working instance of ejabberd running on your machine.

Install spectrum2 following the instructions at the official page, then rename the example spectrum.cfg in /etc/spectrum2/transports/ into <transport>.cfg and fill the fields:


jid = <transport>.yourdomain.tld password = <transport_password> port = <transport_port>

Configure the rest of the file accordingly to the type of transport you are setting up.
Insert this entry in the listen section of your ejabberd config file:


port: <transport_port> ip: "::" module: ejabberd_service hosts: "<transport>.yourdomain.tld": password: "secret"

Finally, execute:

# systemctl restart ejabberd # spectrum2_manager start

Of course you do not need to open the transport port on the firewall if spectrum2 is running on the same machine as ejabberd.

Published: 03 December 2018
Last edited: 04 December 2018
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